7 Key Things to Know About Marketing in Emerging Media


Eight weeks in a graduate-level “Emerging Media & The Market” course does not an expert make; however, the class covered a lot of good ground, leaving me with new knowledge and several key takeaways. Here are 7:

  1. Consider Strategy First, Technology Second
    n order to succeed on emerging platforms, marketers need to look beyond the technical details and know-how; instead, they need to focus on objectives, strategy, metrics, processes and structure.
  2. Choose Quality Over Quantity
    When it comes to emerging channels, brands and marketers don’t have to be everywhere, but they definitely need to be where their customers/target demographics are.
  3. Get Mobile-Friendly – NOW
    Smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming a larger access point across demographics, and the experience these users have colors their perception of the brand as a whole. Not to mention the vital role a mobile-friendly website plays in local and voice search results.
  4. Create Content That Goes Beyond Products
    Content is king – for search, shares and relationships. Remember content marketing’s major rule of thumb: if it feels like marketing, no one will spread it for you.
  5. Utilize Customer Data
    Because they share data, today’s customers expect marketing that is relevant, personalized, and to some extent, anticipatory (in the case of recommendation agents, pre-emptive customer service and more).
  6. You Can Never Go Wrong with Opt-Ins and Transparency
    Mobile phone tracking capability is here, but that doesn’t mean consumers want marketers to use it. In a survey, 64% said they think an opt-in should be necessary vs. the 12 % who were ok with automatic, unconscious tracking. Respect your customers by requiring an opt-in, always allowing an opt-out, and being transparent about the data you’re collecting and why.
  7. Make Your Customer’s Life Easier
    Whatever the media platform, this should be your ultimate objective if you’re looking to create and maintain lifetime customers and brand advocates.

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